After about eight years of doing back-end engineering, I have often times wondered how to improve the back-end communication potential. We have a few popular mechanisms, such as REST with JSON. In my opinion, REST with JSON is a much better improvement over its popular enterprise sibling, SOAP which inherently includes XML. REST provides much more flexibility, and I truly believe we are only at the beginning of REST based technologies. For example, three years ago, Facebook released a stable version of GraphQL which goes on the belief that a service will cater to multiple consumers, but the consumer gets…

In any webservice, validation input is extremely important because it helps keep the data consistent and secure. During my years as a Java developer, I’ve written several validations within the code, but I have found that this distracts from the intent of the business flow. Creating validation within the business code also creates several messy logical flows which inherits the “{“ and the “}”.

JavaEE (6 & up) provides a mechanism that allows us to embed the validation out of sight through the use of annotations.

You will require the JavaEE dependency. I will be using Maven.

<dependency> <- Used…

Reinhardt van Wyk

Java API & Microservice Developer for the last 8 years. Currently consulting and tinkering with new technologies.

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